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Step Three: Release Options


At this stage we now know the Bail Information.  A California Licensed Bail Bond Agent from About Time Bail Bonds will now help you decide the best way to get your loved one out of custody.  The first thing you must know is that you have 3 options.  Most other Bail Bond companies out there will not let you know these 3 options because they just want your money.  About Time Bail Bonds wants to help you through this tough situation even if we just give you Free Bail Information.  Please remember, we are here to assist you through every step of the process, to get your loved one out of jail, back to work, to school, and back home with family as they go through the court process, no matter which option you choose.

Option 1: In Custody Arraignment


You could let the Defendant stay in custody until their In Custody Arraignment which, by Law, must happen within 72 business hours (we will know the day once booked in).  Four different things can happen at this court date.

  1. The Bail Amount can lower
  2. The Bail Amount can raise
  3. The Bail Amount can stay the same or,
  4. If we're lucky the defendant could be released on their own recognizance and not need a bail bond. 

We can not tell you which one of these four things will happen.  The Defendant's past will heavily influence this process.

Option 2: Post Full Cash Bail


Depending on your financial situation, you could go to the County Jail and post the Full amount of the Bail in the form of cash or money order. (Call the Jail first to confirm which options they accept.)  The County will then hold this money until the Defendant's court case is closed.  The County will then subtract court cost and fees and return the remaining balance to you.  These funds could be tied up for months to years depending on whether the case goes to trial.

Option 3: Bail Bond


There are two parts of the Bail Bond process. Learn More in Step Four.

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